Insurance Services Northwest is an independent agency located in Enid, OK. We have over 50 years of experience working with clients in finding the better fit for your Medicare needs. Since we are independent, we have access to numerous products and companies. You can be assured that we will do whatever is better for you as we take a holistic approach to your retirement. Our goal is to make the transition to Medicare easy.

We will help you every step of the way from originally enrolling in Medicare, to finding the better supplement and Part D (Prescription Card), while also providing an annual review of your plan. 

Please give us a call today to speak with a licensed agent or schedule an appointment to work with an agent face to face. 

Below are a few common questions that we get daily. 

Do I have to enroll in Medicare when I turn 65?

No, as long as you are offered credible coverage through your employer.  Although if you delay enrolling without credible coverage you potentially could have penalties.  Please call us or see for a more specific answer.


What is the next step when I turn 65?

You will need to contact our office or Social Security directly and enroll in part B during your 7-month Initial Enrollment Period.  After enrolling you will be able to apply for Supplemental Insurance or a Medicare Advantage Plan. Part D can be applied for with Part A or Part A & B.


Do I have to take Social Security and enroll in Medicare?

No. Medicare and Social Security are independent decisions.  For more information on Social Security contact our office or your local Social Security office.